Stomach Grumbles and Dance Tryouts Don't Mix

You’ve seen our survey results and know the energy crash is imminent at 2:58pm. See how these 2:58pm situations get turned around to keep living full, productive afternoons.

Is this what it feels like to experience a slow and painful demise? Okay, perhaps this sounds like Sabel's being "extra" right now but maybe everyone else is just not enough?

She’s at a dance tryout today and was expecting for her turn to be a lot sooner. After numerous delays, crappy routines, tears and no nearby places to eat in sight – Sabel's stomach and head became her worst enemy.

She's now up in 20 minutes. She doesn’t even think she could attempt a high jump without falling asleep midair, let alone finish her whole routine. "Is that Robyn with a pressed Panini with avocado and egg? Damn it."

Aside from her stomach pangs, seeing Robyn, her other worst enemy, fuels the awful pain in her gut. She thinks to herself "Gosh, just look at the way she's eating her food. I could really use some food right now."

And just as she thinks this, her BFF Rachel, who is next in line to try out comes in - almonds in tow and Sabel immediately grabs a handful. Rachel's yet to discover the wait is long but fingers crossed that they both make the troupe!