Road Trips and Almonds: A Love Story

You’ve seen our survey results and know the energy crash is imminent at 2:58pm. See how these 2:58pm situations get turned around to keep living full, productive afternoons.

Priya would take a tooth extraction over this road trip, any day. To be perfectly clear, Priya absolutely adores her children and wouldn’t swap these formative memories for the world, but when her son throws a DVD at her head, she's so close to losing it.

It started off as a surprise vacation to Chattanooga for the kids because her annual, overly busy parent-guilt kick in. Kids like nature, right? Everything was going as planned until her transmission went out and the car stopped in the middle of who knows where. Being the rational, lovely mother that she is, she remained calm and proceeded to take out the dinner that she'd prepared and stowed away.
Priya had bullets of sweat coming down her face when she realized she left the food back home.  Hours passed and the annoying chants of “hungry, hungry, hungry” grew louder. When she politely asked the kids to be quiet, she sees a DVD being thrown by a 6-year-old linebacker darting towards her.
Lo and behold - the snack stash came to her rescue! She remembered the pack of almonds she keeps in her purse and that was just enough to tide over those tummies until the tow truck arrived! Dodged a DVD and a hunger emergency. Double win.