The Slashies

Own The Day With Almonds

Own The Day With Almonds

Is your day full of multi-tasking? Playing many roles and constantly running around to get it all done? If this sounds familiar, you are a slashie. You know, like a blogger "slash" parent "slash" yogi. Slashies, like you, have a lot to get done every single day and almonds can be the perfect sidekick to your endeavors. See how some real life slashies own their day with the help of almonds.


Healthy Maven


@TheHealthyMaven: “In an ideal world I'd have time to sit down and slowly enjoy my meals and snacks, but in reality I have a lot on my plate juggling the blog, the podcast and my youtube channel! That means that sometimes I have to do things like mute my mic while I'm podcast recording because that's all I've got time for! Shhhh don't tell my guests! We always keep a jar stocked full of California Almonds for healthy snacking when life is busy. As always, I'm all about doing what you can with the time that you have.”




@Fitnessista: “Whether I'm racing to school pick-up, to the yoga studio to teach, running errands, to the gym, working from home, or traveling, California Almonds are my go-to snack. They're so portable; you can usually find a bag or container of them stashed in my purse or gym bag. They taste amazing and are a great source of protein and healthy fats!”


Base Girl


@TheBaseGirl: “Getting outside and having fun year round is what motivates me and Almonds are what fuel me. Love healthy wholesome snacks that keep me going!”


Addisons Wonderland


@AddisonsWonderlandBlog: “One of the ways I've maintained my weight loss for eight years now is to always keep healthy snacks close by. You will almost always find a little bag or two of California Almonds in my purse for an easy snack on the go!”




@Noelle: "Off to my next meeting with no time to spare! So thankful for @californiaalmonds for keeping me charged throughout crazy busy days like these!"


Nutrition Happens


@NutritionHappens: “The one snack I always have around (and stash in my bag!) is raw almonds - they're easy to carry around and packed with nutrients. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E (for the skin!) and the combination of healthy fats, protein and fiber helps me keep me satisfied until my next meal - the BEST!”