No lunch? Awkward date? No problem.

You’ve seen our survey results and know the energy crash is imminent at 2:58pm. See how these 2:58pm situations get turned around to keep living full, productive afternoons.

An awkward, flirty coworker has repeatedly invited Blake out to lunch and like any mouse cornered by a cat, she agreed to take her hour-long break to walk and talk in the park with him. This was the best way to avoid having to sit in front of him because let’s be real — she's just not that interested. As it turns out, it was a nice day, so she was happy to soak up some vitamin D and get some exercise, now that she's agreed to a "date."

Back at the office from her "date" and ready to eat lunch at her desk, Blake discovers she totally forgot her lunch, which she'd packed at home this morning. Gah
So here she is: tired, hungry with sore feet from walking, and feeling a bit EHH. And she feels the dreaded energy crash creeping up to her. But WAIT she remembers that bag of almonds she keeps in her desk drawer and when she looks, it's there! These will get her through! And life update: Blake and her coworker actually hit it off — she thought he was quite charming.