Long Days Require Almonds

You’ve seen our survey results and know the energy crash is imminent at 2:58pm. See how these 2:58pm situations get turned around to keep living full, productive afternoons.

Betty and Ruth asked Cynthia to be a part of a telethon as a fundraiser. The funds would go to rebuild an old firehouse in the community. So of course, Cynthia said yes; just to see those ‘smoking’ hot firemen.

By the time hour 13 of a 24-hour telethon (talk about a long day!) rolls around, Cynthia's feeling exhausted and hungry. She can’t leave the phone and the next food run isn’t for another 5 hours. This is more insufferable for her than when the Carol Burnett show was canned.
Digging through her purse for literally anything to satiate her appetite - even gum would do at this point - and guess what she found? Like a shining star, she sees the corner of an almond tin, which she recognized from her roommate’s pantry, filled with 23 almonds. Phew! She's now beyond thankful to her sweet roomie who thought to slip it in her bag knowing she'd have a long day of volunteering.